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"HUMOUR & CARICATURE" By : J a v a d
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(political/social/cultural) humour
History / Staff:
Date of first issue publication:
January 1990.

This monthly private and independent humor and cartoon magazine is containing various pictorial and written humor on various and different subjects such as: politics, sports, cinema, music, philosophy, cosmic comics, black and white humor, etc.
Founder/ Publisher/ Editor in chief:
Javad Alizadeh

( previous and Current colleagues): Bahman Rezaee, Ali Derakhshi, Vahid Nikgoo, Ardeshir Rostami, Massoud Faghir, Hooman Hadizadeh, Dariush Ramezani, kianoush Ramrzani, Hossein Kazem, Kiarash Zandi, Mahmood salmani, Hessam Fetrati, Mohsen Zarifian, Alireza hessami, Ali Ronaghian, Ali Afsarmanesh, Alireza Karimi Moghaddam, Ali Miraee, Farhad Yousefy, Mehdi Mohamadi Fard, Shahab Shamshirsaz, Mohamadreza Ghorbanian, Shahab Amini, pouya Sareh, Mohammad reza Vali, Abass Nasseri, Peyman Alishahi, Dariush Mehrdelan, Omid Khorsand,  Javad Alizadeh, Arya Alizadeh

FEMALE STAFF CARTOONISTS: Bahar Movahed Bashiri, Mojahedeh Pourshamsian, Pooneh Barirani, Ayda Alizadeh, Araam Golsokhan, Marzieh Ellahi Nia, Atefeh Madani, Mitra Moshiri, Taravat Niki, Somayeh Abdollahi

MALE HUMOR WRITERS: Dr.Rowshanzamir, Mehdi Kazemi, Hamid Shad, Mehdi Askari, Ali Reisi, Kourosh Kahbazi, Hojat Farhadian, Rola Zamzameh, Hooman Shahbandi, Hamid reza Mirzadeh, Maziar Nosrati, Soshians Shojaeefard, Abbass Ghazi Mir Saeed, Farzan Engar, Nasser Zareie, Mehdi Askari.Masoud Marashi..

FEMALE WRITERS AND REPORTERS: Arezoo Kermani, Maryam Mohseni Moghaddam, Pooneh Barirani, Zahra Jamali, Samira Yahyaei,  Narjes hashemi, Sahar Ashraafi,  Ayda Alizadeh , Shahrzad Homami, Farahnaz Yusefi, Fattaneh Orumchian, Farnaz Yusefzadeh, Farideh Nik nejad,  Jacki Skeels (English proofreading)

***As you see by the great number of the contributors listed, this magazine is the output of different thoughts and sounds for the purpose of promoting: Peace, laughter, tolerance, modreration and multi-dimensional and multi-lateral insight in Iranian society.
About our mgazine:

The only iranian private cartoon magazine that never is published on time, cause it wants to be free, free of time, money and wisdom!!

Has no advertisement income, no financial sponsors, except its loyal readers.

With this BITTER-SWEET Mag , you can laugh and cry at the same time!, you can see very creative and very strange, unexpected and extraordinary humors that you have never seen before. Humours such as: 4D humour, Black and White humor, Nostalgic humours, Sad and Funny cartoons,  Philosphical cartoons, Cosmic Comics, Death comics!, Football cartoons, caricature of international celebrities in the field of culture, philosophy, music, cinema and sports .

In addition, this mag has discovered and trained many young creative talents who have become the best cartoonists and humorists of Iran today.

Consequently, try a subscription to
"Tanz-o- Caricature" (even if you are a foreigner) and be sure you won't be sorry!

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Chief editor's personal website: http://javadalizadeh.com